The New Stories, Old Friends Collection

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Present in all the stories is the endearing character Handyman, who runs the Open Cupboard food shelf, and Officer Carter inspired by former St. Paul police officer Melvin Carter Jr. The story offers a suggestion on how we can survive a presidential election season and how best to navigate our troubled world in the future. Thursday, Dec. Brown Center, N.

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Kent St. Books will be available at the reading, and at these locations: Next Chapter Booksellers, 38 S. Snelling Ave. Paul; Corozan Gifts, E. Lake St. Paul, and online at gettingreadyforchristmas. In his follow-up to The History of Old Friends , author Rick Capone revisits the unforgettable history of this horse retirement home and tells the stories of some of the farm's greatest horses, including Kentucky Derby winners Silver Charm, War Emblem and Charismatic, whose time on the farm was way too short.

Capone also tells the stories of some of the main farm's other wonderful horses, such as Genuine Reward, Little Mike, Touch Gold and Sarava to name just a few. For Amazon, click here. Like many before him in the Bluegrass State, Michael Blowen, a former Boston Globe film critic, fell in love with horses, specifically Thoroughbreds. The reality beyond the racetracks, he knew, was that each day a Thoroughbred was in the spotlight, for some of these distinguished athletes, their days were numbered.

For that reason, he dreamed of finding a way to give them a dignified retirement after they completed their rigorous racing careers. When he opened the Thoroughbred retirement farm Old Friends in Kentucky in , he never dreamed his idea would grow so big, so fast. Today, Old Friends is home to more than horses, many of them stallions, as well as geldings, mares and one loveable miniature horse named Little Silver Charm.

Join journalist and horse lover Rick Capone for the story of Old Friends and the horses that call the arm home. Through his wry and witty observations Little Silver Charm chronicles the story of Old Friends and showcases many of the celebs that have visited the farm over the years, including jockeys Rosie Napravnik, Kent Desormeaux, Angel Cordero and owner Joe Torre. He was adopted by Old Friends founder and President Michael Blowen and his wife Diane White, and has since developed a loyal following of fans and supporters. A portion of the proceeds from A Charmed Life will help support the former racehorses retired at Old Friends.

Click here to visit Little Silver Charm's Facebook page. Children will be happy to see that the ensuing fight ends happily. We especially loved the outstanding illustrations! Windy and Whirly , by Lisa Owen.

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Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine! The two machines are best friends who watch out for each other when they are stored in a dark and lonely basement dreaming of a home. When Windy and Whirly are chosen by a young couple, they rejoice that they can be together. When one friend is taken away, however, the other musters up her courage and attempts a rescue.

Poindexter Makes a Friend , by Mike Twohy. Poindexter is a quiet pig who prefers to spend all his time helping out at the library. When a shy turtle named Shelby requests a book about how to make friends, Poindexter finds it — they read it together and become friends in the process. A treasure of a book! Mean Jean owns the playground, and no one is brave enough to stand up to her — until a teeny kid named Katie Sue comes to school. She finds that making friends with Mean Jean is as simple as asking her to play. This is a friendship book well-suited to older kids first grade and up , but younger kids will enjoy it too.

The narrator puts mean Jeremy, his new neighbor, on his Enemy List. When asking his dad for advice on how to get rid of enemies, his dad promises to make Enemy Pie. But first he has to spend one day being kind to his enemy.

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Of course after the day spent together the boys are no longer enemies. Good story! Fox Makes Friends , by Adam Relf. A little fox thinks that to make a friend he has to create one himself. A little rabbit and squirrel work alongside him to create a friend out of sticks, vegetables, and fruit.

Scaredy Squirrel is so paranoid about germs and injury that he leads a solitary life. But when an exuberant dog wants to be his friend, Scaredy Squirrel learns to modify his definition of a good friend. A must-see. Oscar has moved to a new neighborhood and is having difficulty making friends. Whether or not your child knows someone with autism, I highly recommend this book. Be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Friends with Disabilities series. This book is perfect for teaching preschoolers that friends are kind, sharing, thoughtful, and generous.

Otis and the Tornado , by Loren Long. My kids and I love this story about the friendly tractor named Otis who braves a tornado to rescue the grumpy, unfriendly bull. Friends , by Helme Heine. In this story, Puddle shows love and patience to his friend, even when Toot is so discouraged that nothing cheers him up. This book is narrated by a girl whose older brother was born with special needs. But she learns to love her brother just as God does, and by the end of the book she appreciates him for who he is.

A lovely story. Yet Henry is persistent at showing kindness to his cousin, and Annie comes out of her shell. This detailed book presents real-life situations and how to handle them.

Toy Story 4 - “Old Friends, New Story” TV Spot - Disney•Pixar

How do you ask a new friend to play? How can you protect a friend if someone is bothering him? How can you help a friend who needs it? This book covers it all and works best as a cozy read-aloud on the couch because of the many small pictures and speech bubbles. His friends are a cowboy and bear — about whom I have the same questions. Regardless, the story teaches that friendship means thinking of your friends before yourself.

I Can Share , by Karen Katz.

Friends: Stories About New Friends, Old Friends, And Unexpectedly True Friends by Ann M. Martin

I love this book and the others in the Learning to Get Along series. They teach simple lessons about what it means to get along with others. In this book kids learn that sharing can take many forms — trading, taking turns, or doing something together. This book teaches kids about how to work together to stand up against bullies and support each other. The book would be an excellent one to use in a classroom at the start of the year.

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Do you read the comics? Ever since I had a paper route when I was ten, I have to start my day with the comics page. Mooch tries to find the perfect gift for his friend Earl, who already has everything. He discovers that having each other can be enough. Big Al , by Andrew Clements. Big Al is a big, ugly, scary fish — with a good heart underneath. But how can he make the other fish see it?

The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection
The New Stories, Old Friends Collection The New Stories, Old Friends Collection

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