The dangers of flirting

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We don't want you to feel bad about yourself or launch into self-criticism. Instead, simply acknowledge your habit. It might be that, like Jess, you like the external validation that you are attractive and it's fun to fully experience that. It could be that your partner has misinterpreted your innocent ways of socializing and he or she is merely jealous. These are both possibilities. And the truth of the matter might include a little of both. When you are in a social situation, you could make it a point to observe your usual actions from a place of curiosity.

Just watch what you choose to do and how you interact with others. If you seem to seek out others who you think might find you attractive or interesting, then it is likely you are flirting. You might not even be aware that you are flirting. This is why observing yourself can be helpful. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with flirting-- especially if you are not in a committed relationship.

But if you have made fidelity agreements with a person and you still flirt with others, it's probable that walls of mistrust are forming between the two of you. Look at your intentions. With the acknowledgment that you do tend to flirt with others, take a deeper look behind this habit. What do you really want when you flirt? This may require you to take a step back and really look at the feelings and desires that contribute to your need to flirt.

Jess realizes that she flirts for various reasons. She has always felt proud of her ability to "turn heads. Jess also discovers that she really wants to share more passion with Kyle. Sometimes he seems so caught up with his career, she feels taken for granted and even invisible to him. As much as Jess doesn't want to admit this, she now can see that getting his attention and driving home the point that she could have another man if she wanted to also contribute to her flirting. You may be uncomfortable when you discover your intentions behind flirting.

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Written by Cara Plett. Themes covered Marriage Emotional intimacy Infidelity Communication.

It's Okay To Flirt Even If You're In A Relationship

Whoever says flirting needs to stop when marriage starts is so wrong. Know the crime Even your most innocent teasing is hardly harmless, especially not for the homemaker longing for attention or for the coworker who secretly struggles with lust. So to protect you and your marriage, couple a healthy dose of fear and faithfulness with these six tips: Scan for red flags: Therese J. Borchard, author of " When does flirting become cheating? Self-reflect: Your defence here is a reflective heart, which is also a prayerful heart.

Since we know the heart is deceitful Jeremiah , guide your introspection with a prayer based on Psalm , Lord, please reveal to me any offensive way I act, think or feel and lead me in the way of faithfulness to my spouse and to You. He also suggests refraining from touching or being alone with these friends as a physical defence. Talk about and to your spouse: When talking with others, Jenkins suggests pouring out loving, respectful praise for your spouse. Keep no secrets, but Jenkins says to use your judgment to decide what to say. Speaking highly of the coworker in front of your spouse harms more than the lack of secrecy benefits.

Practice safe behaviour: Treat "the elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity" 1 Timothy Of course, the same goes for you, wife! Run: When you face temptation, 2 Timothy says to flee.

In this case, to be a hero means to run. Flirting is a bit of fun. Harassment is behaviour likely to make the person on the receiving end feel harassed. But, in the climate of Weinstein, it still struck many people as offensive. Like all such behaviour, it instead served as a reminder — possibly even an unconscious one — of who held the sexual power on that sofa.

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  • It might not have been harassment, but it was not fun. It crossed a line. But as sentient adults, we can all recognise that there is a scale of sexual conduct, which starts somewhere around mutually enjoyable flirtation and ends with rape. Interpreting the kind of behaviour that falls towards either end of the scale is generally not a problem. It is the behaviour in the middle zone that causes the confusion.

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    The wandering hands, suggestive remarks, brazen gaze that repeatedly, pointedly, drifts towards the chest. The catcalls, the grabbing. But again, this is not that difficult to navigate. A compliment is not harassment; a crude sexual remark shouted on the street and designed to intimidate a woman walking alone is. Flirtation is not harassment; lewd banter in a non-mutual, non-sexual context probably is.

    Badgering them repeatedly for a date when they have made it plain they have no interest is moving into harassment territory. Pestering them to stay and watch you take a shower is definitely harassment. Did I cross a line? Did I make you uncomfortable?

    The Dangers of Flirting

    Is my behaviour bothering you? It comes down to this.

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    We need to trust the women — and the men — on the receiving end of boorish behaviour to know how it should be interpreted. But in the real world, regardless of the intent or impact, it is harassment if they feel harassed, or are likely to feel harassed. Even in situations where a woman manages to emerge from the encounter entirely unscathed — physically, psychologically, emotionally, professionally, socially, financially — it can still be harassment. That would be nonsensical. She can be a victim of a harassment from strangers; from men passing in cars or walking down the street; from colleagues, bosses and present or former lovers.

    Her own behaviour, her demeanour, her wardrobe, her history, her response is irrelevant.

    The dangers of flirting The dangers of flirting
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