R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)

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But the truth of the story is that the Pyncheons suffer from their own wrongdoings, passed from generation to generation. Hawthorne's theme is powerful, his characters authentic, his language poetic. Yet the novel is a difficult slog for the modern reader, rendered as it is in a Romantic, effusive style. Enter only with the greatest of patience. The Riddle of the Sands , by Erskine Childers, In what is often regarded as the first modern spy novel, two young British adventurers sail into the treacherous shallows off the North Sea coast of Germany, piecing together what seems to be a planned invasion of England.


Childers is clearly a master of nautical skills and knowledge and this is both the greatest strength and greatest weakness of the novel. The detail is fascinating, yet sometimes bogs the pace or more appropriately, runs it aground in the sands. This book captured the attention of the British public, bringing to the fore the expansionist aspirations of Kaiser Wilhelm, and spurring preparation for the looming war. The murder of an old acquaintance sends two-dimensional action figure John Hannay on the run through the English and Scottish countryside, trying to elude both the police and the actual murderers.

Plots are afoot to plunge the continent into war, mirroring the actual sequences of tragedies that started the Great War in Hannay created the "man on the run" thriller with this novel. At times, the book is successful and entertaining, yet slips over the edge of implausible coincidences too many times.

This is the story you only think you know.

So much of Shelley's novel has been distorted or eliminated by movie adaptations, the depth and beauty of the novel remains unknown to the vast majority of the public. The monster is not a sluggish, grunting slab of meat with neck bolts. Okay, he is a slab of meat, some eight feet tall, and immensely powerful. But he is also swifter and more agile than any natural-born human. More importantly, he arrives in the world as a blank slate, unaware of everything about him, and partially blind because his eyesight has not yet developed.

But he is innately, supremely intelligent, and teaches himself language and its most articulate usage. Spurned and scorned wherever he goes, his burgeoning moral code grows warped with each new humiliation, driving him to violence and revenge against his creator. This great novel gives you plenty to think about and sticks with you long after you finish reading. The first true science fiction novel.

Read it. Terrific account of the two brothers that invented the future in December of Wilbur and Orville, for some reason, seem to be regarded in popular view these days as tinkerers that got lucky. The truth is, luck had nothing to do with it. What they accomplished was nothing short of brilliant, and McCullough paints a complete picture of just how innovative, tenacious, and fearless these guys were.

Der Krater [Hörbuch] - 1/1 (Komplett)

Highly recommended reading. Years ago, the authors wrote a standalone novel titled The Ice Limit. Quite a good thriller, that. This, the long-begged-for sequel, is better. The mysterious "meteorite" of the first novel is still there, inaccessible and at the bottom of the southern ocean. And it's growing.

D. R. Meredith

The enigmatic and unlikable Eli Glinn has enlisted terminal patient Gideon Crew in his battle to correct his past mistakes, and eliminate the meteorite before it eliminates us. The lines are drawn and the stakes are high, and you just have to hang on for dear life and race to the finish.

Hard to put this one down, folks. The Second Death , by Peter Tremayne, In 7th-century Ireland, Sister Fidelma must unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of a young man and woman traveling with a troupe of performers on their way to the great fair of Cashel. As she digs into the confounding threads of the murders, she and her companions become embroiled in a conspiracy tied to the clash between the religion of old and that of the new. I read this novel on a recent trip across Ireland, and it enriched the entire experience.

A young man decides on a lark to stowaway aboard a merchant sailing ship bound for the Pacific. But things quickly go awry, as mutineers seize the vessel. And things get worse from there, as murder, starvation, and wreckage ensue, and at last an excursion farther south than any explorer has ever ventured, to the very heart of Antarctica, where an unknown culture dwells. Although certain scenes are terrific, and Poe's mastery of language is as sharp as ever, Pym is not a great read overall.

It often lacks the pacing of the modern thriller. So don't read it for that. Read it for Poe's brilliance as a wordsmith and for its influence to the adventure and thriller genre. Whose Body? Sayers, , T. Fisher Unwin. The naked corpse of a man turns up in the bathtub of a house. The residents have no idea who he is or how he got there. No one does. So the well-to-do Lord Peter Wimsey can't let it alone. Sayers delivered a stylish, witty sleuth in Wimsey, but what makes him come to life for me is the shell-shock flashbacks from his days in the trenches of World War I.

That sets him apart from the fictional sleuths that are just given quirky behaviors or fussy habits. The death of Mrs. The local constabulary quickly decide Paton is the fiend responsible. Fortunately, the wily Belgian detective Hercule Poirot has just retired and moved into the area and is naturally drawn into the case. Christie spins an elaborate web of details, some relevant, some red herrings, to keep the reader off-balance. The novel is renowned for its denouement and twist at the end, which has astounded readers for decades. I did so because I understood the fiction techniques Christie employed in the telling.

The novel first appeared in a fifty-four part serialization in the London Evening News in Rebecca , by Daphne du Maurier, Harper, A shy young woman of modest means falls for and marries a fabulously wealthy English widower and moves into his world of jaw-dropping opulence and luxury at Manderley, the family estate in Cornwall. Stuff of dreams, right? One would think so, but the results for all involved are more of a nightmare. The young protagonist, the new Mrs.

All is not as it seems. Not at all. And the slow unveiling of the past paints a complex, disturbing story of class and power. A remarkable thing about this book is du Maurier's mastery of English both old and new. The first-person narrative sails along in the sort of high-toned Victorian formality of the end of the 19th-century.

But in moments of self-doubt and stress, her narrative elegantly shifts gears into short, clipped sentences, sentence fragments, disjointed thoughts; Modernist prose takes over. It's as if Charles Dickens collaborated with Ernest Hemingway to pen a genre-overlapping tale of suspense, and the resulting wordplay dazzles. I can see why opinions on this novel vary widely; it IS a slow read. But slow in a savory way. The excess attention to detail becomes part of the rhythm of the prose, highlighting the growing dread and sense of inescapable fate. Some won't like it.

I loved it. Electromancer , by Daco, Crimson Romance, Romantic Suspense.

High fun, high camp, this novel reinvents the superhero for the 21st century in ways unexpected. Alexa Manchester, pulled in multiple directions by her professional and personal lives, finds herself suddenly imbued with an array of powers, and just in the nick of time to fight the evil Momo and his henchmen. All this while trying to sort out a complicated love life. If you have imagination and aren't afraid to use it, you'll love this book. Christie's classic whodunit remains highly entertaining to this day. Ten persons converge for various reasons on a tiny English island, find themselves stuck there, and find themselves dying one by one.

The only explanation is that one of them is doing the killing. A delicious mystery treat.

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I, the Jury , by Mickey Spillane, Being a fan of the hard-boiled school of mystery, I wanted to like this book. I really did.

R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)
R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition) R pour Revanche (Saga Inspecteur Gideon Crew) (French Edition)

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