Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)

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The Mexican constitutional process belongs to a vertical concept of authority; it has not been significantly modified since its original design of and therefore there are evident contradictions among new free electoral institutions and former political irresponsibility, this last one typical of the authoritarian structures of power.

In the final part of the essay I present a scheme of constitutional reforms for introducing democratic rationality in the Mexican presidential system. Keywords : Constitution; political responsibility; president; presidential system.

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Actas Urológicas Españolas (English Edition)

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El medio ambiente en Europa: Estado y perspectivas 2015 – Informe de síntesis

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Hossain, E. Towards an understanding of tailoring scrum in global software development: a multi-case study. Huang, H. Cultural influences and globally distributed information systems development: experiences from Chinese IT professionals.

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Louis, Missouri USA : Humayun, M. Islam, S. Jalali, S.

Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition) Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)
Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition) Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)
Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition) Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)
Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition) Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)
Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition) Perspectivas del System (Spanish Edition)

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