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Ritual and deception: photography and Thomas Hardy

Strategy of Deception. Part of the Radical Thinkers series. A trenchant critique of new techniques of waging war, and its reduction to images on a screen. Related blog posts.

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Mark Lacy 20 September The Fall and Rise of the British Left. The Case for the Green New Deal.

New Economy Starter Pack. While setting out to seize pictures of the Dalai Lama, the 20, troops stationed in Machu County of Gansu Province also took away family jewellery made of gold, turquoise and coral, as well as other valuable possessions such as old religious statues and money.

Traffic police in Machu county were reported to mint money from arbitrary seizure of motorbikes from Tibetan nomads. The report said confiscated motorbikes filled the traffic police compound and spilled into the streets outside.

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Many victims of arbitrary arrest during the recent uprising in Machu, Golok, Ngaba, and Luchu were being ordered to pay 5,, yuan to secure their release. Prominent local monk Lodoe Sangpo in Ngora township of Machu county had to pay 60, yuan before he was released on May And he was forced to close down the school he was running for the local nomads.

The Atlantis Deception

The report said arbitrary fines and seizures of personal possessions that include non-political material, such as religious artefacts, were also reported from different parts of Tibetan regions, including Ngaba, Machu, Rebkong, Labrang and Kardze. Repression at the monasteries where patriotic education meetings are being held so intense that monks do not know about the arrests of fellow monks.

For example, at Labrang, monks, who had to attend political meetings at least twice a day, were divided into nine groups that were not allowed to contact one another.


As a result, no one knew yet what happened to the monks who had staged a bold protest there during the Apr 4 visit by a group of foreign and Chinese reporters. The report said torture was rampant, especially in the case of Tibetans refusing to cooperate with their police interrogators, resulting serious limb fractures, long term health impairments and even deaths. Police sometimes returned barely conscious or even dead prisoners to their homes, claiming they had become sick even though marks of beating and torture were clearly visible on their bodies.

Communication and access restrictions remain as tight as ever. Tibetan cadres in cities such as Siling Chinese: Xining , Lanzhou and Lhasa have been instructed that they cannot get any leave until after the Olympics, the report said.

Deception: Mark Fairhurst

It said that the heavy military presence, de facto curfews in towns and the barring of foreign press from the entire region of the Tibetan plateau ensure a rigid grip over the Tibetan populace. The authorities were reported to go to ridiculous lengths to present a picture of normality to the outside world. For example, in Machu, local police put on Tibetan costumes and disguised themselves as ordinary nomads, with some of them forming a crowd around the visiting journalists. Monks get briefed, the day, on how to answer questions from the visitors. Click here to cancel reply.

Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception
Mark of Deception Mark of Deception

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