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A study in the journal Personal Relationships found that there was little difference between the sexes in terms of strategies used to woo a mate. Slut-shaming is a love-story cornerstone. Hester Prynne had her scarlett A. Anna Karenina tumbled from her perch in society after an affair with a cavalry officer.

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Before age 7, Fuentes said, boys and girls are equally directly aggressive. But by the time people reach working-age and beyond, Fuentes said, levels of indirect aggression between the sexes even out. Studies based on undergraduates are often denounced for not being representative of real life, but in this case, the age group is actually quite valid. So, can we do anything about our bitchy tendencies?

Despite his skepticism about it reflecting on evolution, Fuentes said the study was interesting because it showed that indirect aggression is very real and can be stimulated with just an image. Cattiness is damaging to the self-esteem of the victims, but Vaillancourt argues that by becoming more aware of it, we can try to suppress it. People become depressed if they're attacked in this way.

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Buss is not as optimistic, saying that it's not easy to change something that might, whether through evolution or conditioning, have become reflexive. He said curbing the bitchiness is one area in which men can be a help, rather than simply the object of the competition. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

The 8 habits of extremely bitchy women

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The Print Edition. Latest Issue Past Issues. So rise above it…. Your first instinct when called a name might be to lash back.

Avoid that first response. When you react with anger, emotion, or frustration, or when you sulk or go silent, you are giving power to your accuser. Just think of it, when you react, you are not acting, you are re-acting. Your actions are shaped by someone else.

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Every situation is different, but in general, you can combat these labels by confidently affirming your right to present your ideas. Think through what you will say before you say it. Get right to the point. And confidently assert yourself when challenged. I once worked with a woman who went to her boss to share her views with him.

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But we need to exercise that courage if we are to change the way others view us—and, indeed, the way we view ourselves. As parents we have a huge opportunity to change stereotypes.

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Raise children that bury these older stereotypes. These four strategies will enable you to combat stereotypes and hold your own. And the good news is that over time, attitudes are shifting and will continue to shift. These stereotypes will disappear if we refuse to play to them.

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By Judith Humphrey 4 minute Read. Reclaim The Labels Worrying about being labeled bossy or aggressive will not serve you well. Be Confidently Assertive Every situation is different, but in general, you can combat these labels by confidently affirming your right to present your ideas.

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