A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)

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What sort of country feels the need to have a seperate police force dedicated to the financial prosecution of its populace? The entire country is delusional. I was astounded at my Italian friends who sang the praises of Grillo. I concur with the commenters saying that Italy is not a reality, merely an idea.

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And the idea has soured. Unfortunately I see only two possible options; the rise of a dictator from either side of the political extreme, or a fragmentation and break-up along the lines of Yugoslavia. Either option will be messy. But Italians are now faced with this reality due to their inability to take the long-term view point. In all levels of society they invariably select a short term gain that leads to a long term disaster.

This inability to plan for the future means that this decision will be forced upon them in one of the above or a smiliar scenario.

Mad Men: The Many Loves of Don Draper

At present the country is hanging on due to the wealth stored in property. The generations of the sixties and seventies are sitting on their real estate desperately hoping that things will turn around. They are asset rich and cash poor. But once they are forced to start selling their property to induce cash flow, then we will see a rapid decline in property prices. This will be the point where the crisis will come to a head.

See a Problem?

I myself returned to Australia with my Dutch wife. The change in our financial circumstances with this move has been nothing less than astounding. I love Italy, I adore the Italian culture and way of life, and the vast majority of my friends still live there. But I know in my heart that I will never go back, and my soul bleeds for those left behind.

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  • They have no future, and is there a more terrible sentence for the young? Thanks for writing your comment from so far away, and for displaying such a deep passion for my country.

    CNR NANO - Istituto Nanoscienze Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

    I guess that most of what you said is just the outburst of something you had in your mind, and being this the case, maybe you exaggerated a little bit. I do not want to comment your prediction. Just one point: I guess you did not mean to say that Italy is just an idea. Italy is a country, having a culture, a language, traditions and everything which is needed to consider it more than real, despite the diversity among North, Center and South.

    A good metaphor is our cuisine. Of course there are many differences among the dishes of each regions, but there is something which uniquely distinguishes them as Italian. I am sure you know all these, just wanted to remind you. But to clarify, the idea of Italy in was a romantic dream not based on any actual reality that somehow succeeded in spite of itself. But unification was a disaster for Italy. Not 25 years later vast numbers of Italians were leaving for America.

    The First World War was a welcome distraction for the political class, but then you had to put up with Facisim. But somehow Italy emerged from WWII with 20 glorious years of industrial productivity that have been subsequently squandered in a socialist nightmare gone wrong. To repeat myself, the idea of Italy as a nation is simply that. And it was an idea that was foisted on Italians when a good number did not want it. There is no way you can make the nation return to a functioning normality.

    There are too many vested interests to overcome. You may make small gains but they will quickly be swallowed up in time. If I were to look at the situation dispassionately, I would suggest that the best option would be to return to a grouping of small nation states.

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    With each setting their own tax and judicial system, the best will attract the brightest. This is as it was in the hundreds of years before unification. The richest country in Europe today is a small nation state; Liechtenstein. Imagine if the Italian peninnsula had a bunch of those.

    In my observations Italians do not identify with Italy, unless you are winning the World Cup.


    La Mancata Lezione della Crisi Finanziaria

    They identify with their family, with their street, with their town, and with their region, but not with Italy as a whole. And a vast centralised bureaucracy has made Italians both lazy and demanding. They want the State to look after them. Every families dream is for their children to secure a state-sponsored posto indeterminato. Well, the money is running out.

    Translation of "Ci vediamo a lezione" in English

    A series of small nation states whose success would depend on their own efforts and ingenuity would give people a chance to rise on their own merits. The exact same reason that so many Italians emmigrated to America so many years ago. It is a sad indicement after years of federation that the same thing is still happening today.

    Italy is 2nd or 3rd?? If you look at the public balance, we are among the ones who a higher primary surplus our public system spends way less then it gets from taxes. The richness of italian families is as high as in germany many say that the public debt amount should be related to the population actual richness, more then gdp.. Again, I think it is misleading and ideological to relate all the problems to the economic system. Very interesting comments. I thought for a while about this, and the original article.

    I think there is an implication in all this, and especially in the EU context, that 20th century nationalism is becoming obsolete. Does it matter if Czechoslovakia is now Czech and Slovak Republics? Does it matter if Scotland leaves the UK? Does it matter if the Italian peninsula breaks up into different elements of the EU system? And, as one or two others above have also observed, apart from a minority of die-hards and football fans, does anyone these days really have a strong national identity or even a clear sense of what the their nation as an idea represents anymore?

    Dictatorship, people getting threatened by the police? Also, as we are one of europe major economies, and if we decline europe declines along. The other european governemnts are just as blind, just as irresponsible as ours, as they are denying this matter of fact, trying to prevent european itegration from happening.

    I think keeping on exagerating things like on this blog is of no use for anybody. We are following the same declining trend as the whole continent, due to lack of political integration. I believe the only way out is to finally make Europe a federation, like U. I think the previous comments miss one crucial point of the Italian situation: during the past 20 years Italy has been stuck politically by the presence of the biggest anomaly in the western world.

    A media mogoul entered politics in Italy without severing his links to his huge economic interests. Italy has lost 20 years dealing with this problem. There is a hope now: the anomaly is close to being evicted and a new pragmatic leader is arising from the center left. These two changes make me more optimistic about the future. This is not to deny the cultural and economic problems present in Italy but I do not see a genetic shortcoming in the Italian nation that can make it unviable! If there is one lesson to learn from the past is that it is never wise to underestimate Italy and Italians!

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    • Pingback: bring it on italywanderlust. Unfortunately what the author says in his article is true.. The country is collapsing and has been doing so for the last 10 years. There is discontent on the street, there is discontent everywhere. This used to be such a great place to live not so long ago. We were rich.

      We were happy. We used to live in what was and still is the most beautiful country in the world and we had it all.. Italians were respected. We were envied. Very close. People my age still have a future as we have good and well-paid jobs but there is no future for youngsters. The young generation is doomed. Spain never had anything.. France is France and Germans are a bunch of work-aholics who lead a very sad and depressing life.

      At the end of the day, the Germans are not even that rich..

      A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition) A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)
      A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition) A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)
      A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition) A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)
      A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition) A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)
      A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition) A lezione dai Mad Men (Italian Edition)

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